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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I stumbled across a winery overlooking Georgian Bay down near Meaford. I found out about it by reading a tweet on the Boating Georgian Bay Twitter feed. Gee I guess we have to come to grips with the concept that Georgian Bay is more than wilderness scenic cruising grounds with the odd town sprinkled here and there along the way. I love touring wineries and I was pleasantly surprised to find Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery right under our noses on the shores of Georgian Bay. Move over Niagara, Pelee Island and Prince Edward County - here comes the Georgian Bay wine region. Well, they have been growing fruit successfully along the Bay for years, so why not grapes which naturally take to the area in a wild state.

I like the name Coffin Ridge ... love the logo ... and the owners seem to know more than a thing or two about marketing.

This isn’t just one of those places that buys juice to ferment that call themselves a winery – this is the real McCoy with planted fields, tasting room, year round staff, LCBO listings and restaurants who sell their fine wines. They grow their own grapes and the purchase from other local growers who are growing for them. Best of all, they make good local wines, and it’s nice to see a new business reminiscent of the Napa or Sonoma scene that has taken root right by the escarpment on Georgian Bay. So it’s only far to say that on my boat, as a faithful Georgian Bay cruiser, we will add Coffin Ridge to our on board cellar (home cellar too) ... as a salute to the dedication and hard work it takes to start a successful business operating on the Bay – especially a biz that produces alcohol! Check out their web site www.coffinridge.ca

Anyone want to go partners with me on starting a Tequilla hacienda up in Killarney?

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Herodotus of Greece in 5th Century BC said “If a man insisted on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun, he would be mad without knowing it”. Well it looks like in the USA at least, boat buyers are looking for some fun. Recent correspondence from Tom Jenkins at Allied Marine a well known broker of new high end Bertram, Ferretti & Riva yachts shows that many of their new in stock boats were sold between the Miami and Palm Beach Boat Shows. After Miami they only had four boats left to display at the Palm Beach Show, and they sold one of those too (Ferretti 530).

There is a surge in new boat interest. Given that some of the shows were light on attendance, the quality qualified buyers were still there – buying! In Tom’s own words, “Imminent delivery is currently not an option”. Boat buyers need to get used to the new reality that many boats over 50’ are in short supply and are dealer allocated. Once the dealer allocation is sold, you are waiting for a new boat to come out of the mold and be built and that takes time. It is expected that some of that new boat boat business will switch to good quality used brokerage stock to bridge the gap between delivery dates and the upcoming active boating season in central and north USA coastal and Great Lakes regions. The story pic above shows a row of large SOLD yachts at the Miami Boat Show.

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