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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We’re here to tell you that we have seen a number of Mermaids on Georgian Bay. So many in fact, that we are starting the Mermaid of the Month feature on the site HERE. An entire generation of women grew up with the Ariel the Little Mermaid and many have dreamed what it might be like to be a Mermaid. Some have taken it the next step and they are part time Mermaids. Apparently it is very liberating and a lot of fun to be able to swim around with a big Mermaid tail. Mermaids that become good swimmers can propel themselves on or under the water at very fast speeds compared to swimmers and swimmers with snorkel fins. It’s also great exercise and demands a lot of abdominal core strength and torso flexibility. So next time you're at anchor, don’t be surprised if a Mermaid swims up to your boat. There are lots of them around and they seem to be multiplying all the time.

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Monday, July 21, 2014


We’ve come along ways since the movie Jaws frightened everyone out of their skin. Most folks now realize the value of sharks in the eco system and many marinas in the US and Caribbean have policies where sharks caught by recreational boaters cannot be offloaded and cleaned in the marina. Increased sightings of great white sharks off Cape Cod are generating lots of new business for local entrepreneurs at a popular vacation destination where the massive predators lurk offshore.

Business owners say clients are anxious to buy shark themed jewellery, clothing, hats and other products in the Cape Cod area. Justin Labdon, owner of the Cape Cod Beach Chair Company says his business has grown more than 500% in the past couple of years due to the public interest in sharks. Officials are still concerned however of the tourism damage that could be done, if a Great White actually attacked a swimmer. Brochures have been distributed to raise public awareness of sharks and safe practices in the event of a shark sighting.

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Monday, July 07, 2014


The by product of these teaming downpours that seem to come at least one day every week is the that lake levels in cottage country are pretty much at capacity and way above the normal high water levels for this time of year. Good news for the Great Lakes with lots more water coming that way ... but cottagers are on edge as any heavy downpour sustained for a day or two could take the lakes from capacity to flood levels. Many roads in the Haliburton region have already been flooded or washed out and that is unusual for July, a peak summer month.

Most of the Gull River (Haliburton) water shed has now peaked it’s historic highs for July. Kawartha watershed is also very high and will likely peak July historic levels by mid July. Although the Severn watershed is also high, Lake Simcoe has some some room left for the feeder system moving north. With new heavy downpours already in the forecast it is likely that there could be some flooding in the feeder lake chains north of Minden as they are already sitting over the high water mark. Folks in that area are crossing their fingers that they don’t have a repeat of the situation in the spring of 2013 where heavy rains accompanied by already high water levels caused major damage in the Haliburton feeder lake region. Boaters travelling on the Trent Canal in the Trent and Kawartha regions should prepare themselves for some stronger than normal currents in July as excess water makes it’s way down through the system.

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Ok you probably already know this already but I am always amazed when I’m out at anchor and mop the morning dew off the boat how clean it leaves the boat. You certainly can’t get your boat that clean in the marina with a hose, brush and boat soap. I guess it’s all that soft water generated by the condensing humid air, lying on the boat for a good part of the night that is working it’s magic lifting that daily build up of air born dust, bugs ... and perhaps some air mail gifts from our winged friends.

Buy the best quality chamois boat mop you can afford, and when you do your morning boat mop there will be a lot less residue water left to spot the boat and with less wringing out of the mop, you (or your crew) can make quick work of your morning boat clean ritual.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014


So Environment Canada says it’s going to be a really hot summer with lots of unsettled weather. Usually they don’t get it right but so far this summer they seem bang on. I can’t recall a summer where we have had so many baking hot humid days followed by torrential rains and gusty winds for a day or two. It is certainly keeping the feeder lake levels to the Trent Canal System up, and of course where I live on Mountain Lake the vegetation has been growing as if we live in a rain forest. The water in Georgian Bay was unusually cold this spring but this hot weather with the odd windy day has really warmed things up in a hurry and the anchorages are now beautiful to swim in. So welcome to summer boaters! It was along hard winter and you certainly deserve some heat. I can’t believe we’re already in July. Summer passes so quickly in Ontario that every minute counts ... so get out and have some fun on your boat.

Just a reminder that this hot humid weather seems to be bringing quite a few pop up thunderstorms and sudden wind downdrafts. You don’t always get a lot of warning so when your anchoring avoid the temptation of putting out only the bare minimum of anchor rode down when you anchor. These storms can come out of nowhere ... so put lots of chain down and make sure that your anchor is set firmly and your boat and every one in the anchorage can stay safe even when all hell breaks loose with the weather.

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