Thursday, December 22, 2011


This is the time of year to get great oysters and in our household the are a holiday tradition! Here is a rundown on how to get yourself some really good fresh oysters shipped to your door. Wear a glove when you open them and use a good oyster knife with guard. After 30 years of opening oysters I cut my hand last Christmas opening a Raspberry Point and ended up in the hospital getting stitched up!

These first are the two I recommend as my favourites***

***Colville Bay – Clean and Jade green – food of the gods - excellent oysters, sometimes a little hard to get a hold of them ... they ship every Tuesday Canada Post express to your door ( 2 days) – these oysters ship (in Styrofoam container) and store well for 5 weeks Johnny Flynn owner 1 902 687 2222 office 1 902 687 3640 home They will bill you $98 case for 100 plus about $55 shipping

***Raspberry Points – Excellent oysters, a bit smaller than Colville Bays ... they ship overnight FedEx right to your door in waxed cardboard container covered with plastic. They store for up to 6 weeks in a cool location – bit difficult to open (that’s why they can store longer than some) 1 800 565 2697 Hassle free to order with Visa $92 case of 100 plus $50 shipping

Bedque – Strong flavored from Northumberland straight

Canada Cup – This is an American venture were they select a certain size/shape oyster from many Canadian growers – they are not a specific Oyster type so I don’t really recommend

Malpeque – This is what you will find in most Ontario restaurants .. Malpeque Bay is not the greatest oyster breeding grounds

PEI Select – These are the lower grade sorted oysters from Raspberry Point

Pickle Point – From same guys who own Raspberry Point- stick with the Raspberry Points

Summerside – Good oysters and a good size but not as refined as Raspberry’s or Colville Bays

Keep in mind the bays will be freezing up and the oyster harvest won’t go on too much longer. I’d get the Coleville Bays if you can arrange with them – sometimes hard to get a hold of them but worth getting them if possible. Raspberry Points someone always answers the phone and you get get the deal done quickly.Bon A petit!

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