Friday, January 06, 2012


Both Navionics and MX Mariner offer state of the art smart phone chart software and there are many other marine apps like anchor watch, ships log etc. for boaters. The newer smart phones, including the Android based phones come with built in GPS and both Navionics and MX Mariner continue to store the charts even when your boat is out of cell range. So unlike the older GPS software you still have the charts to work with ... even when the phone has no coverage. On Georgian Bay, Rogers has excellent coverage, even in remote anchorages all the way up the east side of the Bay to at least Britt ... and in most small towns, up into the North Channel. Works great with a rocket stick too to support your laptop.

Some of the newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which uses the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 operating software, are not fully certified by Rogers and in reality (unless you live in downtown Toronto proper and are picking up the Bell LTE 4G service) you are not really getting LTE 4G from Bell or Rogers at this time ...even though your phone is 4G and you believe the marketing that says they are operating a 4G network. It is really sub 4G HSPA+ network at best, or more likely the slower EDGE network on many areas of Georgian Bay. But guess what? ... they still work and your smart phone is a marvelous tool to take with you when you tour around in your dingy, rather than have to buy a full navigation GPS for the dingy.

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