Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What are the odds. A ship as old as the SS Keewatin ... a wooden steamer, 107 years of age, not only survives without burning, sinking or falling apart, but it gets dredged out of the mud in a foreign port and gets moved back to her home port of Port McNicoll on Georgian Bay generations after she was left to live out her last days. Not a reproduction or completely rebuilt from the ribs - the original - the real McCoy.

She moved passengers for 60 years from Port McNicoll to Thunder Bay and never wrecked ashore or foundered in stormy weather on treacherous Georgian Bay ... a virtual graveyard of ships from ancient times to modern day. She was built 5 years before the Titanic. Pardon the expression but this ship must have been “built like a brick shit house” and had it’s keel “plated with horseshoes”. It’s unheard off – any other ship would have wrecked to the bottom of Georgian Bay at some point. Not only is she resilient, the ship in is relatively good shape – hull intact and looking good with enough hutzpah left over to pass Coast Guard and insurance inspections.

Hail the mighty SS Keewatin and the able hands that built and Captained her. I can’t wait to dine on board and tour her new 4000 sq. ft. museum. They say dinner service will utilize the original silverware and china! What a miracle that Skyline Investments was able to bring her back to Port McNicoll.

Thanks to the USA for taking care of her all these years so she could be returned to her home. I know where I will be when she arrives June 23rd, 2012 – right out front of Port McNicoll harbour watching the tugs bring her in gently to her berth and recording the event in photographs and video to share with you on this site. Back in port the champagne corks will be flying to celebrate the immortal spirit of Keewatin. Keewatin is Cree for BLIZZARD OF THE NORTH and she may ride out more of those than any other ship in Canadian history. So maybe the moon is made of blue cheese and pigs can fly?

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