Friday, June 22, 2012


 Well summer is here and early indications are it’s going to be a scorcher. These super humid heated days make for unreliable weather forecasting. Thunderstorms and strong winds can pop up well before there forecast time. As a matter of fact as I write this blog article it is about 34 degrees C and the storm warnings forecast for the evening are actually upon us at 4 pm. A half hour ago it wasn’t even showing on weather radar. I guess that’s why they call them pop up thunderstorms. Pop up thunderstorms can get serious when they turn to full downdrafts and you experience damaging tornado like conditions. When your out at anchor on really hot humid days, you want to make sure your anchor is well set because conditions from this kind of warm front weather pushing up from the south tend to go from very still to gusty violent winds in a matter of minutes. It’s those gusts that break anchor set more so than steady winds. Better yet, if anchoring conditions permit put your second anchor down Bahamas style - and you can relax and sleep better at night. If the waters not too deep and clear ... dive it to check your anchor set.

Another thing about these scorching days – make sure you stay hydrated and take a dip every once in a while to keep your cool. Bathing suits are the order of the day – great excuse to get the ladies in bikini’s so they don’t overheat! Don’t forget the waterproof sunscreen yada-yada ... I personally hate the greasy stuff and won’t use it ... but you should, because your smarter than me. Alcohol dehydrates ... so if your at the dock or at anchor enjoying a few brews or Margaritas make sure you chase it with a big glass of ice water. And don’t drink so much that you can’t react in the event a storm rolls in and you have to take on the roll of capable Captain. There you have it - have you had enough lecturing already? Summer comes and goes fast – have a blast and we hope to see you out cruising.

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