Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Here you will find some unusual boat related pics we have picked out for your entertainment.

Most Unusual Boat
Cosmic Muffin named after the dream boat in a Jimmy Buffet novel was made by Dave Drimmer & Jeff Gibbs of Plane Boats. It features V8 inboards with new electrical plumbing, heads, air conditioning, along with new interior and restoration of seating and bar. When the boat was a Boeing 307 Stratoliner plane in 1939 it was once owned by Howard Hughes and named The Flying Penthouse . As a boat it can cruise up to 32 km hour.

Most Unusual Woman In Boat
Most Unusual Woman In Boat Eva Braun was Adolf Hitler's mistress and later wife who committed suicide at age 33 with Hitler. The picture was confiscated by the US Army from a personal album and in 2011 was finally made public.

Most Unusual Boating Accident
Ouch! ... and the boat is named Temporary Insanity. Alcohol and fast boats don’t mix.

Most Unusual Fish
This is an oarfish or ribbon fish – a member of the herring family.They are sometimes mistaken for Mermaids because they float on top of the water sometimes. Not really considered a good eating fish as they are gelatinous. Rare to see except when the occasionally wash up on beach.

Most Unusual Boat Launch
Not the usual way to launch a boat but it did get into the water quickly. Note guy on stern enjoying the ride.

Most Unusual Charter Boat Operation
Here’s a fishing charter company in Australia called Surfers Paradise that provides topless crew for your deep water fishing expeditions.That’s one way to attract charter business in slow economic times.

Most Unusual Restaurant To Visit By Boat
Nope it’s not Henry’s at San Souci Island ... it’s the Rock Restaurant off the east coast of Zanzibar

Most Unusual Feeling That Your Being Watched While On A Boat
Curious Great White shark contemplates dinner. Actually this is shark research.
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