Monday, October 01, 2012


 Well, the 2012 recreational boating season on Georgian Bay is coming to an end. Those boats that do go out are staying close to home. The water in the anchorages is getting a bit to brisk to swim. I am always amazed at the transformation in weather in Ontario at this time of year. It seems only a few weeks ago we were anchored out in baking hot sun and swimming in bathtub warm water. While there is still plenty of sunshine, the colder overnight temperatures and clear night skies shed the heat even faster and the water gives off heat in a hurry.

The little towns along the Bay like Killarney go from bustling to sleepy like someone turned of a switch. The island anchorages change their pattern of regular boat visitors to no visitors. At dinner the other night I talked to a chap that just came back from the North Channel on a September fall cruise and there only one other boat in all of Baie Fine. Makes me wonder what it would be like to visit the Bustards or other remote anchorages in November for a week. It would be a completely different surreal experience with no other boats and the odd gale roaring through.

I was surprised at how many boats are out of the water already. Boats are already being blocked up on the parking pavement in my marina. Gosh the season is short on Georgian Bay. It seems like only yesterday that the season started. Well we had a good summer this year if it’s any solace. The only way to get your boat fix now is to head south for the many upcoming boat shows or charter in some warmer clime. Just south in the Chesapeake folks can cruise up until December or later if they are lucky. It really doesn’t seem fair does it? ... but I suppose Georgian Bay is so intense and such a feast for the eyes that we should all be satisfied with a five month season. Here’s a pic from the Bustards that will help tide you over until spring. If you look carefully you can see a sailboat in the distance at anchor through the dinghy passage between the two anchorages.I was surprised to see them show up there. They had the whole anchorage to themselves even though it was summertime.

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