Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mother nature once again shows us who is boss! Hurricane Sandy leaves a path of destruction in the northeast United States with house buried in sand and swept away in New Jersey, blizzards in Virginia, flooded subways in New York and entire subdivisions burned to the ground. Millions are without power and will have to go without for days to come. Sandy packed a punch and combined with high tides, the hurricane flood levels were at a historical peak causing many deaths, extreme loss of property and billions in damages.

In Ontario we were lucky and just suffered the remnants as a severe storm. One woman was killed by a falling sign, lots of wind damage and power outages but nothing like the east coast received. Georgian Bay was west of the worst of it, but the highest recorded wind speeds in Ontario were 106 km hour on the Western Islands in Georgian Bay.

Ethan Meleg a well known Georgian Bay photographer shot this video at Indian Head. As you will see in the video, the waves are engulfing a 50’ cliff. Just a reminder how nasty and dangerous Georgian Bay can be in a storm.

In the old days, steamers moving goods and people would still be out on the Bay and this storm no doubt would have sunk many ships. With modern forecasts and ample warning this kind of loss is now a rare occurrence. Luckily pleasure boating was over for the season. Marinas had most of the boats out of the water and for those remaining they took precautions. Some of the hearty late fall residents in homes and cottages on outer islands in Georgian Bay may have experienced quite a show of nature - but no one killed or injured on the Bay.

Several marinas have commented that they have seen worse storms. Georgian Bay folks are a hearty lot – bring it on Mother Nature!

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