Thursday, March 14, 2013


Our Boating Georgian Bay parent company First Page SEO www.first-page-seo.com is a web marketing business that builds hospitality/tourist directories as a sideline to the main business of search engine optimization and client website development. We built Boating Georgian Bay as a labour of love, because we keep our own boat on Georgian Bay and we are constantly amazed at the beauty of Georgian Bay and the North Channel. We wanted to share cruising information with others. Everyone should see Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands and North Channel region by boat at least once in their life ... just like you might have other “wonders of the world” destinations on your bucket list. To some extent we might take the beauty of the area for granted ... because we are absorbed in it all the time. For someone cruising up the 30,000 Islands and North Channel for the first time they are likely to be totally amazed by the unique scenery even though they may have cruised extensively in many parts of the world.

Cruising World Magazine named Georgian Bay/North Channel in their Top 10 worldwide destinations. There’s nothing like Georgian Bay region topography and it’s no wonder it inspired Group of Seven artists to paint the wind swept pines, rugged granite and quartz landscape smoothed over by thousands of years by wind, rain and waves. When we initially built the directory we thought our audience would be a niche market of hard core cruisers. Two years have gone by and the site has exploded in popularity.

This past year, the Boating Georgian Bay directory ran over 4.2M hits. In August 2012 it received an average of 19,900 page views per day or 3322 unique visitors per day average with peaks of over 5,000 unique visitors. On a yearly average the site does about 2000 unique visitors per day. The site is getting busier - Feb. 2012 traffic of 148,000 hits has more than doubled to 354,000 hits Feb. 2013. All the sites pages are high traffic ... fairly evenly split, but the busiest pages that edge the others out are What’s New, Weather, Favourite Anchorages, Ship Wrecks and Ports of Call.

The site places #1 on Google for everything boating, marine and lifestyle related on Georgian Bay and #1 for broader search terms like “Ontario yacht brokers”.

What we have learned is two fold. First is, the appetite for this site extends way beyond just the boaters on Georgian Bay. We get about 1/3 of our traffic from outside Canada. Second is, people seem to be interested in many aspects of the site and not only the Bay cruising related topics. For instance we have the most complete data base of ship wrecks on Georgian Bay that we know of. The divers love it. Restaurant reviews, weather and boat products are heavy traffic interests. The bottom line is you don’t have to be a Georgian Bay boater to enjoy this site. It is a great portal for Georgian Bay tourism interest in general.

Most of all we would like to thank our site advertisers ... for without their support, we wouldn’t be able to keep the site up to the extent we do with fresh content being added almost every day of the year.



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