Monday, March 18, 2013


So if you haven’t heard, we just launched our own brand of Boating Georgian Bay promotional hot sauce called Habanero & Lime Mayday Emergency. We will be giving it away at various events like boat rendezvous and some trade shows. We might even find a retailer to handle it too, but the real purpose was essentially to have our business brand on the bottle ... and I happen to like hot sauce a lot. In addition to what I put on my food, I always take a couple tablespoons per day for medicinal purposes.

We believe in quality and this hot sauce is “premium”. First of all, there are no preservatives. Habanero peppers, carrot, vinegar, fresh lime juice and salt ... and that’s it. The sauce is produced right on Georgian Bay in a commercial inspected kitchen. Well not produced right “on Georgian Bay” of course ... on the shore ... you know what I mean. No bottling or production in India or China like so many other sauces. It’s a genuine homemade quality Canadian product.

Now this stuff is a lot more flavourful than your supermarket brands, but not so hot that it burns your mouth out like some of the extreme “death” hot sauce brands. On a scale up to 10 in hotness, it’s an 8. It’s primary ingredient is fresh Habanero peppers. Habanero peppers are good for you. They produce 20 times more Capsaicin than Jalapenos. Capsaicin is proven to reduce risk of prostate cancer, reduces the affect of arthritis, increases metabolism for weight control, it is an anticoagulant and it limits the amount of cholesterol absorbed in the intestines. In addition it has 357% more Vitamin C than an orange and it’s a good source of Vitamin A, B, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron. With regular use It can also protect you from many food borne pathogens, as anyone who spends time in Mexico can attest to. It is a very healthy food product.

So you won’t find this in your supermarket, but you might see it at boat related events. Next time your having a BBQ at your favourite remote anchorage you can pull out the Boating Georgian Bay Habanero & Lime Mayday Emergency sauce and amaze your friends.

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