Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We are pleased that Captain Bill Everitt has agreed to do a monthly piece called Captains Rant. The deal is, Bill gets to rant about whatever he wants with no censorship. Bill is a real Captain who runs a sailboat charter business and delivers boats. He lives aboard his sailboat most of the year. Even when it’s hauled on land until the dead of winter sets in. Sometimes he Captains yachts for extended periods for owners down south. He is a nice guy and somewhat unique. You won’t find many that would leave in the night on a whim and sail Killarney to Midland by himself regardless of weather. Or maybe Midland to Tobermory and back for something to do on a weekend. Or maybe sail outside past Bermuda to the West Caribbean for the winter months on his own. I know what your thinking – there are lots of people that sail offshore trans ocean. And also radical historic sailors ... like Tristan Jones. And so there are ... but nobody I know is quite as spontaneous as Captain Bill – he just goes. A sign of someone who is very comfortable on the water. Bill can be controversial but he floats intelligent ideas and we hope you will enjoy his rants.

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