Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Cruel Mother Nature is playing an April fools joke on us. Here we are the beginning of April and it looks and feels like the middle of February. The ice on our lake where I live is 2.5 feet thick. We’re going to have ice in May this year! Georgian Bay’s Midland Bay latest ice out date going back many years is April 26th. I think this year could break that record. And it’s not only the ice ... it’s gusting like winter and the snow is coming down too. What’s is more depressing is, I just looked at the long term summer forecast and it is for a cooler wetter weather. Thank God, Environment Canada is almost always wrong on long term weather forecasts. I suppose if it was a wet summer it would be good for rebuilding the water levels ... and this late season snow should help too. The poor deer are running around here looking hungry and confused wondering ... did we just miss summer and run right back into winter – where’s the green shoots?

Come on Mother Nature give us a break. We poor Canadians get lied to by our government, hosed on our taxes, over charged on everything we buy including our own oil in comparison to our US brothers and now it’s feels like winter at the Artic circle in Southern Ontario in April. Please Mother Nature we didn’t do anything to deserve this! Man you have to be tough to live in this country.

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