Monday, July 08, 2013


Well we just came back from Beckwith Island, and as expected on a hot still summer day it was teaming with boats. Yes there were boats that hooted and hollered all night that kept most of the anchorage up, but my beef isn’t with them. My beef is with the half dozen boats that plow their way into the anchorage at a speed putting out maximum wake in their quest to get to their preferred anchoring spot ... as if it was about to vanish before their eyes in mere seconds.

Those anchored out on the outer reaches of the cove are probably there because they enjoy some semblance of privacy. You can see them coming all beady eyed at half throttle not even bothering to look around at the anchored boats as they race to their spot. On guy did wave at me as he waked me. I waved and and gave him a wake down finger. He shrugged and plowed on. My wake down finger turned the other way.

I can only assume that these inconsiderate boaters who rock the crap out of anchored boats are:

A/ they had the misfortune of being born low in the gene pool OR

B/ they are self centred boors who have no respect for the safety or comfort of others because they never focus on anything other than their own immediate wants and needs.

Yes these are the same folks who walk through the department store door and let it slam shut on the little old lady coming behind them, tail gate your car at 100 clicks and cut in line at the grocery store check out and pretend they didn’t notice. They are disrespectful and discourteous people that haven’t earned the right to call themselves a human being.

For the most part these boaters are not trawlers, not sailors and not usually the bigger yachts. I’m generalizing, but in my observation they tend to be piloting sport style boats 25 - 40 feet overcrowded with under 40 guests. Why do they do it and why will they keep doing it ... because most other boaters are too polite to get worked up about the situation and they just go about there business picking up everything that landed on the floor from a good boat rocking. I would suggest the only way these inconsiderate boaters will change their behaviour is that a few boaters from the anchorage get together and visit the offenders and ask them what makes them think that they are so special that they can wake other boats in the anchorage.

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