Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I’m a busy guy. We take care of some 400 client sites and we usually have a 3 month waiting list on new site builds and web marketing projects.

However studies have shown that working less and getting laid back more could prolong your life significantly. It seems the stress and daily anxiety of some jobs will take years off your life, even though all that work translates to dollars. It seems it’s a balancing act BUT if you cannot find the middle ground ... you might find it healthier to do nothing rather than trying to do too much.

There is an art to doing nothing. First of all you have to have enough resources set aside that you can in effect, pack it in and retire early. BUT there are other things you need to assure a long enjoyable life.

Some are obvious like:

-healthy eating habits

-reasonable exercise

-yearly checks with the doc

-use the sun block

-adequate sleep

But others are more subjective but just as important like:

-surround yourself with people you like

-let your hair down and party hardy when you feel like it

-travel and see other cultures

-get on your boat and just hang out either cruising or tinkering on board

-get a dog so you have a best friend that will never judge you (but remember only if you can handle the responsibility of having the equivalent of a child in your midst)

-tell your significant other and your kids that you love them, and do it often

-invite good friends to your boat to have a few drinks and some chit chat

-laugh everyday ... and if you have nothing to laugh at you can always laugh at yourself

-indulge your (legal) fantasies

-match wits and spend some time conversing with younger people

-insist that female guests on your boat bring their best bikini for cruising

-don’t over think things and accept people for who they are

-stop complaining about the things you can’t do anything about (hard to do as you grow older)

-remember you are not immortal and make the most of the time that you have in this beautiful world

-don’t take yourself to seriously - we’re all dust in the wind

But who am I to offer advice – I still work ten hour days. My goal though, is to live by some of the above and really kick back in the next few years. Owning a boat is part of my therapy. It certainly makes no sense economically but it helps keep me sane. And when you do want to do nothing – there is no better place to do it than a boat.

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