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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Two years after the Costa Concordia went aground near an Italian island killing 32 people, Italy has now given the go-ahead for an attempt to right the ship in preparation to move it by tug. The Concordia has lain partially submerged off the island of Giglio since Friday January 13, 2012. The national Civil Protection agency said Friday the operation will be carried out later this month, once final safety certificates are issued. The exact date depends on calm seas near Giglio.

If engineers and crews succeed in righting the Concordia, the vessel will be eventually towed to a port for dismantling.

The manslaughter trial of the Concordia's captain, Francesco Schettino, resumes on Sept. 23. When the ship struck a reef, took on water and listed badly before capsizing off Giglio's port, the Captain and some crew abandoned ship ahead of many of it’s passengers. Prosecutors alleged Schettino steered the boat too close to shore. Schettino claims the reef didn't appear on his navigational charts. Four crew and one company administrator have already been tried and sent to prison with sentences ranging from 18 –34 months.

For a full account of what happened on the Costa Concordia including a GPS recorded account go to the article on our Message In A Bottle page titled Not Enough Courage HERE

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