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Monday, September 30, 2013


We didn’t get nearly as much boating in this past summer as we had planned. Too many work and family commitments. When the weather turned sunny with light winds, we couldn’t resist taking the time off work to get a few days out on the boat. Our last fix before the boat goes away in October 2013 not to be returned to her slip until May 2014.

We had already had the winter service done to engines and we had already resigned ourselves that we wouldn’t get anymore trips out of the marina this year. Were we glad we grabbed the window of weather and got out to an anchorage. We didn’t go far. Just tucked into Hockey Stick bay at the west side on Bone Island.

At this time of year ... midweek, we had the whole harbour to ourselves. On the second day a couple of sailboats showed up but we were a comfortable distance away from each other. A couple of ultra light planes dropped in and cruised around the harbour and took off again. We swam (just a bit chilly), we BBQ’d, we drank good wine and we read without distraction. Most of all we enjoyed the tranquility of the anchorage and soaking up the rays of the early fall sun. By lunch it was bathing suit weather. Beautiful sunsets at dusk. Nights were cool and great for sleeping. Mornings we were enveloped in fog as the heat exited the water into the cool morning air. The fog quickly burnt off giving rise to bright sunshine – the temperature a few degrees above seasonal and very nice for the end of September. The leaves were changing colour but not at their peak yet. Maybe this was our Indian Summer? When we returned to the marina the boat seemed to thank us for that one last trip before a winter of solitary confinement.



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