Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 It’s an old saying. Even good luck is largely predicated by one’s ability to get out and network, meet people, have fun and look for opportunity. Hard work is more than sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day. Our parent company is in the web marketing business and it’s easy to work seven days a week and never leave your desk. Easy but not healthy! Besides opportunity knocks more frequently when you are out and about meeting folks and exchanging ideas and interests with others.

This is boat show season. Many of you, like us, have been hunkered down with our nose to the grindstone making sure that life goes on with normal expectations, given that we have been through a brutal recession and several years of post recession uncertainty. If you did keep your head above water or perhaps even grew your business during this period, you did well. The clouds are lifting and it is time to get out and have some fun. What better way for boat lovers to have fun than to jump on a plane to Fort Lauderdale or Miami to take in a world class boat show. We go every year to two or three shows and Miami is one we won’t miss this year.

Of course right in our backyard we have the Toronto International Boat Show coming up January 11th – 19th. I see Russell Newberry from Discovery channels Deadliest Catch television show will be headlining at the TIBS this year. He’s a nice guy and interesting to talk to if you catch him when there is no lineup. Yes he’s doing the rounds, trying to make a buck ... and more power to him. We ran into him at Miami two years ago. His tag line is “life on the edge”. Perhaps we should all live a little closer to the edge, as if there is no certainty of tomorrow.

This year for the first time Boating Georgian Bay will be at the Toronto International Boat Show with a booth (G315) right across from the Boat Smart booth. I’m not sure why we’re there! Yes we will sell a few bottles of our own Boating Georgian Bay brand hot sauce and boat cleaner ... but that won’t even cover the cost of our booth space. I guess the real reason for being there is that, the last number of years have been really good to us, even though many of our clients have been through some hardship, and we just want to get out there and network in the industry and have some fun. My gut says “be there” - so that’s what we’re doing.

We have stuck to our knitting from the beginning of the recession to present and now ... finally there is recovery in the air for the boating industry and for marine orientated consumers. It took a long time. For the past few years it has been two steps forward and two steps back. Now it looks like there is some certainty and headway in the marketplace. Things are not 100% yet, but they are good enough to take some time off to do what I like to do best ... which is boating and boat related activities. That means attending more shows, buying a few more boat toys and getting out a lot more on the water this coming season. And I mean a LOT more. You should do the same. If you have worked hard and smart it’s time to reap some of the rewards. Life is short and none of us are getting any younger.

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