Friday, March 28, 2014


So I decided I wanted to update my flat screen LCD TV on my boat to a newer model with smaller bezel and more screen size and Smart TV characteristics. In my house a 55” home theatre with surround sound installs in half a day.

Mostly I wanted the new TV on the boat to be a bit bigger and take a data stick for movies we burn at home. So we want the new TV to play through all the sound system and JBL speakers in the boat at the helm and in the cockpit. So to do that I find out it needs another cable from TV back to entertainment centres. They are on opposite sides of the boat with a companion way in between. So all the units are pulled out and the service panel behind the TV is opened up and the fishing cable process begins. After an hour or two of trying ... the walls basically have to come off.

Time flies when your having fun and eventually the new TV gets mounted. But apparently there is no such thing as an entirely flat back TV on the market. The TV chosen has a hump at the bottom (internal speakers) that makes it stick out a bit and with the bracket added it’s pretty wobbly. No good on a boat that jumps waves at 50 mph. And besides it doesn’t clear the dam bathroom door. Move it over on the wall another inch and it does clear by 1/4” ... but wait there is supposed to be an optical output on this TV for the cable we just spent hours fishing across and there is no. Ok so that will mean an internal modification to the TV ... and you know what - that ultra thin TV sticks out further than my 2008 TV that was bolted flush to the service panel. It’s just something in the way to bang heads. Answer I’m told, is cut the wall service panel to accept the hump at the back of the TV and bolt it directly to the wall ... and modify the TV for an optical output. Did I mention it needs and extension mounted on the wall to connect the USB data stick as well? After a day the boats all apart waiting for the next set of modifications to make this work. I’m exhausted just thinking about it and all I have to do is watch. I can’t wait for the bill.

Aren’t boats FUN! Why is nothing simple on a boat? Do the manufactures have a secret pack with the marinas to create cash flow to all in the industry? No maybe not, but you just have to sit there and watch all the issues that emerge on any boat job as a project takes hold. It’s not like the service guys or mechanics are dogging it. It’s a boat, and boats are meant to be frustrating just like dogs are meant to bark and cows moo. So the boats all apart and at some point the installer will come back and make more mods and burn though a bunch more time. Eventually some day I will get a TV I hope that works that looks like it belongs - just in time for the next project. YIKES save me from my boat.

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