Thursday, August 21, 2014


We’ve been talking to few marina owners and service staff and word on the street is boaters are behaving much as they would later in the season. So were just about to enter the last week of August and in terms of repairs and fuelling it’s feeling more like the middle of September. Folks seem to think it’s a product of weather (coldest summer since 1976) and fuel prices. Way more boats staying on the docks this summer and less people visiting the boat. Looking out on the Bay not a single boat on the horizon except one lonely guy fishing.

I stayed on the boat the other night because I was travelling through the area anyways, and I was shocked that on a beautiful sunny Tuesday with lite winds, there was not one other single boat owner staying over that night ... on a pier that has more than 200 boats on both sides (50’ footers on one side and 40’ footers on the other). Even during the afternoon there was only 3 vehicles on the pier. The solitude is lovely but I got to tell you it’s kind of eerie, because what’s going through your head is, where are all the people? Is there something I don’t know about – like a comet streaking towards earth? It was the same situation on other docks - very few people there, and I pretty much had the marina all to myself once evening rolled in.

I drove to another marina in Pentanguishene and same thing, almost no one at the marina. Problem with the weather is there hasn’t been any long stretches of hot dry air. You get one good day surrounded on either side by two bad days. That is likely what happened in this case because the Monday it rained, Tuesday was beautiful and Wednesday it rained. Fuel is expensive so many boaters are not going out anyhow ... and a one day visit in good weather is not worth the time when they can’t get a window of three or four good days. I’m thinking it’s not a good year to be in the marina business.

Looks like finally a there’s a decent window the last week of August so we’re going out and I’m guessing we’ll be all alone most nights at anchorages between Midland and Parry Sound.

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