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Chartering a yacht is a viable option for those that don't want the overhead of owning a boat but want to experience beautiful Georgian Bay and the North Channel ... or for those that are contemplating a boat purchase but need some experience and training under their belt before they make the big commitment to buy. The only way to really see Georgian Bay, it's remote anchorages and unusual majestic rock formations is by boat. Standing on the shore and looking at a lighthouse overlooking blue waters is like having cake, without the icing. There's nothing like cutting through the sparkling waves with a destination in mind, the wind in your hair and the sun shining above. We evolved from the water and we still have a deep hardwired need that attracts us to the water and brings us closer to nature. There are several ways to get the experience of cruising Georgian Bay that you need to quell that insatiable hunger to boat. So take a look and see what would work best for you and get yourself involved with boating on Georgian Bay

Bare Boat Yacht Charters
Bare boat charters are for those people who have the experience to qualify to rent a yacht and cruise the waters for a specific time period (usually by the week) in a predetermined catchment area of anchorages and stop over ports timed so that the boat returns on schedule for the next charter group. Provisioning packages are commonly available and if your skills are rusty the charter company may require a Captain be on board. Not all the folks that charter a yacht are without there own boat. Some have boats at other locations and want to experience a different cruising area without the cost and time of moving their own boat. One of the advantages of chartering is sample itineraries are available and there is an indoctrination ... so you know what your getting in to and develop a game plan. In the event of emergencies/repairs staff can usually get to the boat location in an hour or so by high speed power boat.

Crewed Yacht Charters
Crewed yacht charters take the worry out of chartering. You can get the hands on experience under the watchful eye of a Captain or you can do nothing and just relax and enjoy the scenery. You don't have to be able to navigate because the crew takes care of that and most crewed yacht charters have someone to cook onboard, serve appetizers at happy hour, wash the dishes and generally make your vacation cruise laid back and worry free. If you are wary of the weather you have the confidence and ability of an experienced captain to deal with the tough stuff and you are more likely to stay on a schedule and get to the places that you want to see rather than the extra caution you might otherwise take when the yacht is your entire responsibility - perhaps keeping you in port on a windy day. On a crewed yacht the meals are part of the package and every day something creative is likely to come out of the galley ... so it's a little bit of gourmet dining thrown into the mix, which is kind of nice.

Boat Cruises
If your just starting out and your not up for overnight stays or multiple days of cruising there are a number of tour boats that will take you out for the day. Usually these boats are bigger passenger vessels and you follow a prescribed route and the captain gives you a heads up as to points of interest along the way. Normally your not alone so the down side is you can't control the company you keep. But it is a nice way to spend a day on the water. Some crewed yachts will also offer private day cruises as their schedule permits.

Learn To Sail Programs
There are many reasons why one might take a boat learning program. It could be because you are planning on purchasing your own boat and need to build the skills to operate it safely. Could be you are crewing on someone else's boat and you want to build your skills to be more useful. Sometimes it's a chance to get engaged in some sailboat racing and learn the techniques and rules of club racing. There are a few structured sailing programs available on Georgian Bay. Some are on small boats ideally suited for learning the basics and some are on bigger boats, where you share the learning experience with others. Learning programs work on set fee for service and most offer different programs based on the level of experience for the participant. In addition many Captains will offer personal training (power or sail) when they are not busy delivering boats from one location to another. Another option is some yacht clubs do offer learn to sail programs or youth training programs.

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