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Ice This photo shows ice cut in February 2014 by Herbert Fisheries when setting their nets on the south shore of George Island. This island forms the Killarney channel. While much of the Bay is ice covered you would not expect the ice to be 28 inches thick in an area exposed to the full 40 mile fetch of Georgian Bay where this block was cut.  Unprotected waters that are constantly moving and often never freeze. There certainly is a lot of deep ice on the Bay some years and those heavy ice years generally get a very late spring breakup.

Photo & Info courtesy of Herbert Fisheries and Killarney Mountain Lodge

Thanks to Wye Heritage Marina that supplied these historic ice out dates on the Bay (below).

The surprising thing is the variance. 2012 was the earliest ever recorded (March 22nd) since they started tracking in 1979. Latest was April 29th in 1992. So earliest to latest that's a whopping 39 days!!! The average lands in mid April. Notice any trends? You are more likely to see two years in a row that are closer together ice out date than further apart ... but not always. Warm summers apparently have no strong correlation to early ice out dates ... by example compare 2011 & 2012, both hot dry summers with ice out dates 20 days apart. Late ice out dates have no correlation to higher water levels - go figure! Mother nature is tricky and hard to figure out.

ice breaker 1979 April 3rd
1980 April 8th
1981 April 2nd
1982 April 20th
1983 April 13th
1984 April 6th
1985 April 8th
1986 April 15th
1987 April 16th
1988 April 18th
1989 April 26th
ice fishing 1990 April 20th
1991 April 7th
1992 April 29th
1993 April 26th
1994 April 19th
1995 April 12th
1996 April 20th
1997 April 27th
1998 April 3rd
1999 April 6th
2000 March 25th
ice out 2001 April 19th
2002 April 12th
2003 April 21st
2004 April 16th
2005 April 20th
2006 April 12th
2007 April 22nd
2008 April 19th
2009 April 11th
2010 April 4th
2011 April 11th
2012 March 22nd
2013 April 18th
2014 April 30th
2015 April 19th
2016 April 1st

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