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One of the best things about boating is that when you make landfall at port, you get to go out for dinner and try the local fare. Food always tastes better after a full day on the water. I always remember one particular dinner going back to our sailing days in the early 80's on Lake Simcoe when we crossed from Lagoon City to Barrie in our CS 36 sailboat. It was the worst possible weather with driving rain, high winds and big waves. When we landed in Barrie, quite frankly I was thankful that we had made it to terra firma. Simcoe was a great training ground for our later exploits down the Atlantic coast and around the Caribbean. Anyways, the restaurants were closing by the time we made landfall in Barrie; cold, wet and hungry. As a last resort, we called up the owner of Tek's Seafood, a member of the Barrie Yacht Club, and he graciously stayed open for us. We had a lobster feast that, to me, was as good as or better than anything I've had on the East Coast or in Maine. The owner sat down with us and we talked boats and our sailing conquests and the food was good ... Really good ... and we appreciated it more, after that long slogging sail across the lake.

So let's fast forward to 2014. Some things don't change and one of those things is when you step off the boat to go to dinner, it's automatically going to be better than if you had driven your car to the restaurant. Now we are not going to review all the restaurants on Georgian Bay. There are too many and my wallet's not deep enough. We're not going to give any bad reviews either, because we're only going to write about the ones we really like.

Wellingtons Pub & Grill - Parry Sound
We were up in Parry Sound filming with Georgian Bay Airways and George Stivrins who operates Big Sound Marina and the Chief Commanda Tour Boat on Lake Nipissing suggested we go check out Wellingtons – just down the road from the marina at 105 James Street in Parry Sound. There we met the owner, Michael Reeves and he showed us his fabulous collection of Georgian Bay memorabilia including some really interesting marine history. But aside from the interesting historic atmosphere inside the dining room the highlight of our visit was the great food.

They have a large menu selection of steaks, ribs, pastas and fresh fish. They also have an extensive menu of appetizers but alas we did not partake. It may seem like sacrilege on Georgian Bay not to be eating the fish (Georgian Bay pan fried Pickerel), but I'm a great lover of pork Schnitzel and the Wellington's has four different speciality Schnitzel's to choose from. It was a tough choice, but I went with the Tiroler Schnitzel which is pounded flat hand breaded seasoned pork tenderloin with mushrooms, back bacon and tarragon ... topped with Swiss cheese. George was with us, and he had the Jaegar Schnitzel and my Boating Georgian Bay TV co-host Gail being a vegetarian had a big healthy salad. Oh I almost forgot to mention Wellingtons does all their food from scratch and they make great dips and dressings. I took the liberty of testing some of the dressings and the Blue Cheese dressing is to die for.

I probably don't have to tell you, but with the help of an ice cold Corona that delicious Schnitzel went down oh so well. The place was packed and for good reason – the food is excellent and in very large portions. Back at the marina I commented to George and Gail that I felt like a snake that just swallowed a frog. Frankly it was more than I could eat, but it was too good to leave any on the plate ... so I did my duty and ate it all up. No wonder it was voted Parry Sound's Best Casual Dining  2007 – 2013 and Business of the Year 2013.

The restaurant is walking distance from the marina but the owner Michael or one of his staff will pick you up and deliver you back to the marina if you are not inclined to walk. Wellington's is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm and they can be reached at (705) 746 1333 or via .

Midland Golf & Country Club - Midland
Midland We had the pleasure of dropping in to the Midland Golf Club Friday Prime Rib night buffet. We weren't planning on dining there ... we just happened by and saw the Prime Rib sign and said to ourselves let's check it out. The dining room is a jewel. It has character and wonderful historic ambiance ... as you might expect for a traditional golf course founded in 1919.

There is inside dining and outdoor deck dining with a spectacular birds eye view of the golf course. The staff were friendly and welcoming and the service was great. It was apparent the staff work as a team including the kitchen staff. The chef was quite talkative and was there to welcome and carve right at the buffet.

We partook in the prime rib buffet which was exceptional. Everything on the buffet was homemade - and we mean homemade. Even the tartar sauce for the fresh Pickerel was homemade. The beef was excellent as were all the trimmings and salads. We sat out on the deck and the view was fantastic and a perfect backdrop as we enjoyed our Pinot Grigio on a hot summers evening.

Funny we passed by so many times without realizing what a great place this is to dine out. Now that we have discovered it, we will be back often. The beautifully scenic golf course is located on Penetanguishene Rd. almost across from the hospital. The restaurant is open during golf season but also does corporate Xmas parties off season.

Dino's Fresh Food Deli - Midland
Dinos Oh what have we been missing. We have been overlooking Dino's for years. It looks pretty unpretentious from the street and frankly we thought it was a pizza parlour. But now we know they serve the most incredible deli sandwiches. I can't count how often we were looking for a quick bite in Midland ... but not wanting to get fancied up for a full table service restaurant. For the most part in Midland that leaves fast food or roadhouse chains which we are not a big fan of. How about quality delicious fresh food – quick and straight to the point ... not fancy but so good. Dino's is perfectly positioned to fill that desire. The surroundings are not overly fancy but you won't be paying much attention to decor when your staring at a monster deli meat sandwich that takes more than two hands just to pick it up.

Dinos We had the Mile High Corned Beef on Rye bread and the corned beef is piled four inches high on super fresh rye bread. The corned beef is lean and melts in your mouth tender. The picture as shown, under-represents the sandwiches we got, which had another inch of meat on top of what the pic shows. The Greek salads and soups are great too. It comes really fast as the food is prepared as you walk down the line and by the time you get to the cash you're set to go. They sell small bottles of French wine and beer (Corona) to wash the great food down. The style is cafeteria and you pick your silverware up after you cash out and then you can find a table inside or outside on the street. We started wondering about Dino's because every time we drove by it seemed to be busy. Curiosity got the best of us, and finally we went to check it out. We will be frequent customers from now on. Great food and great value in an informal environment. Our whole dinner with wine and a beer was $35.

They are located right downtown Midland on 319 King. No need for reservations but they do have takeout (705) 526 2431 or visit

Mad Michael's - Wye
Mad Michaels Hankering for a taste of deep south BBQ smoked to perfection in a funky looking cook house over red oak chips. Mad Michael's is about 5 minutes from Midland in the little hamlet of Wye. If you are at one of the Midland marinas you can grab a cab and be there in a few minutes ... and it is well worth the short drive. Now Michael isn’t as mad as people may think - although he did stand there and growl at me when I was checking my email on the Android. Michael’s bold little yellow restaurant right on #93 just south of Midland is a world away on hot sunny day.

Mad Michaels Relax outside on the small patio on the twig furniture (made by no other than Michael) with a few beers and it's easy to slip into the mental state of being in a deep south bayou with a Louisiana smoke shack pumping out the BBQ and a few 60's tunes playing in the background. Michael seems to be a handy guy and built his own traditional smoke shack. Day and night the beef briskets, pork roasts, chicken halves and ribs are smoking away for hours. Meat is also cooked on the wood fired BBQ beside the smoker and the prep area has jars of homemade rub, relishes. Jack Daniels and pickled carrots and Okra lined up. He also has an Adobe oven in behind where he can rake out the hot coals and bake pizza and Focia when he feels like it. Yes there’s a Tee Pee back there too if you feel like meditating.

Mad Michaels Waitresses may take your order and remove your finished plate but the food is only served directly and expediently from the smoke house to the table by those that cooked it.This is relaxed dining and the BBQ is from heaven. We had the BBQ platter for two which has jerk chicken, smoked brisket, pulled pork, and meaty BBQ ribs with several sides and it was an marathon exercise in eating the best BBQ I've ever had in the north. Everything is homemade including the lemonade and deep dish banana cream pie.

People often order the baked goods ahead and pick them up on the way to the marina. Likewise for the BBQ ... but I like hanging out in the garden with the towering cedars and the traditional smoke house doing it's thing as backdrop. You can eat inside too, but come early and grab a table in the garden to savor the true experience of Mad Michael's. I have to apologize to Michael because I spent the evening calling him Mad Max and he was too courteous or amused to correct me. Or perhaps he is used to it. It's all good - and I'd travel a long ways with any excuse for those juicy meaty ribs. He also gives tours of the smoke shack if you ask nicely. (705) 527 1666

Library Restaurant - Midland
Library Restaurant The new owners of the Library Restaurant have done a terrific job with their menu. The vegetables are field fresh and cooked to perfection. The Bruschetta is divine with tomatoes that taste like they just came off the vine and just the right amount of garlic and goat cheese generously baked on crusty French stick bread. Spinach salad was as good as you will find anywhere. Main course was the 14 oz. peppercorn steak with three peppercorn brandy sauce ... and it was one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time. Cheesecake desert was good but I can't say was the best I have had. My wife had a rack of lamb dinner special and it was perfectly cooked medium rare and crusted with a coarse salt glaze ... and I got to try some. Maybe too salty for some but perfect for our tastes and chefs who try and please all by not taking chances always loose out to chefs that prepare a dish to their own style and commitment. The whole meal was delicious. Our young server seemed new to the job but handled things well with a smile and her heart was in her work. The Library Restaurant is located in a 1915 converted library and the surroundings make for interesting architecture perusal while you dine. The acoustics of the building mean that conversations carry but that adds to the interest of the evening. Congrats to the owner and chef. We'll be back again soon. Located in downtown Midland. Call (705) 528 0100 for reservations."

Moms Restaurant - Midland
Moms Restaurant Hankering for a big home cooked breakfast? Moms Restaurant at 200 Pillsbury Drive just off of # 12 (close to Martyrs Shrine) in Midland will fit the bill. We both had Eggs Benedict. The Hollandaise was rich and creamy. Back bacon replaced the usual ham. It was excellent. Home fry potatoes yummy. Service was fast and friendly. Judging by the awards on the wall this is one of Midlands favorite breakfast stops. We always notice the parking lot is full on weekends. They also serve lunch and dinners. Menu isn't extensive but what they do, they do very well. (705) 527 0700 or

MC Sushi – Midland
MC Sushi Hankering for a big feed of Sushi? MC Sushi is a new Japanese restaurant at the Huronia Mall on hwy. #93 that offers all you can eat sushi, maki & sashimi lunches and dinners. Very good quality sushi. Nice bright atmosphere, clean and the sushi made fresh at the counter. Weekend all you can eat lunch is $13.95. Price goes down on weekdays. Soups and deserts are included but if you order more than you can eat you pay for the uneaten food so the idea is you order here and there and pace yourself until your ready to roll out of your seat. They also have party trays for pick up so if you're entertaining on the boat it is always a crowd pleaser to have fresh sushi on hand. Call (705) 526 6788

Olympia Gardens - Midland
Olympia Gardens Relocated from Pentanguishene to Midland and now in the Best Western Hotel right beside West Marine. They still serve some great Mediterranean food. Love the complimentary appetizer plate they bring out with pita, humus, pickles and olives. In addition to Mediterranean food they have excellent steaks and prime rib. Call ahead as the restaurant is not large and can get busy on the weekends. (705) 549 4802

St. Amants' Waterfront Inn - Britt
St. Amants Waterfront Inn Are you a lover of fresh fish? This place has pickerel so fresh that I swear I thought I saw it jump on the plate. Everyday a fishing boats leaves in the morning from the St Amants' marina and returns with the catch in the early afternoon ... and that is what you are having a few hours later for dinner. The restaurant is very small town and casual ... the fish is divine. These folks go out of their way with service and ensure top quality food. The atmosphere is not fancy but then I was too focused on the table conversations and my food to pay that much attention to the decorations. Let's put it this way, the place has charm and you had better catch your own pickerel and cook it on the shore if you want it any fresher. Their phone # is (705) 383 2434

The Surf Restaurant - Perkinsfield
The Surf Restaurant Somebody recommended that we try this restaurant. Just a ten minute drive down the Balm Beach Rd from Midland is the Surf Restaurant. It sits on the Balm Beach right where the road runs out and turns to water. It is an interesting place with patio and interior restaurant that is decorated with old beach photos, canoe, log accents overlooking the beach - very bohemian. This is an unusual place in an unusual area, but it is very casual - beach bum chic you might say. When we were there a guy with a parrot on his shoulder was hanging out at the bar. Not kidding ... Jimmy Buffet fans would like this place. They serve prime rib every Friday & Saturday night that is the best I've ever had (I've eaten a lot of prime rib in my day). Generous portions with a huge Yorkshire pudding. This was also the best Yorkshire I have ever had and normally I hardly touch the stuff but couldn't resist eating the whole thing. Pickerel is another favorite here. You won't leave feeling hungry. Call (705) 361 1612 to confirm they are open before you drive down. Forget about breakfast and lunch that day and arrive hungry!

The Britt Inn - Britt
Little Britt Inn One of the best kept secrets on Georgian Bay is The Britt Inn. With a view of the bay this inn features 4 cozy rooms and 2 great restaurants. The Lower Deck is open year round while the Upper Deck is availabe in July and August only. While on a kayak trip this spring I stopped in for lunch and had a tour of the inn for the very first time. Although I was early for the Upper Deck and it notariety the Lower Deck was more than comfortable with it's marine atmosphere. The feature of the day was a roasted pork sandwich which in it's own right was great but the delight of the meal was the walleye chowder. If you get a chance to stop by The Britt Inn you will not be disappointed. 1-888-383-4555

Top of the Cove Restaurant - Honey Harbour
The View We had the opportunity to go back to the Top Of The Cove restaurant for dinner and although we often visit our reviewed restaurants many times we usually don't review twice ... but we thought we should report on this one again. We had just arrived on a sweltering hot day after six days cruising and anchoring in the 30,000 Islands. Just stepping into the air conditioned space and gulping down that first ice cold Corona was a treat.

Now we don't report on restaurants that we don't like. So to be clear, if you are a restaurant on this review page you have earned our respect and attention ... and we are committed to continued dining at these fine establishments ... and we hope our readers will also patronize these dining rooms. We pay for our dinners at these restaurants and there is no commercial favouritism. We like what we like ... and call them as we see them, and we know not everyone will agree 100% of the time because humans are complicated creatures.

So you may argue that the best pickerel is in Britt at St. Amants and the best dish of all time is the Shrimp Madras at the Riv Bistro and I wouldn't counter argue against either of those choices. But you know when you roll it all together - food, presentation, ambience, service, professionalism ... someone has to come out on top. In our opinion it is the Top Of The Cove that crosses all the t's and dots the i's. Their attention to detail, creativeness, innovate recipes and the freshest top quality food products is fantastic ... not to mention a feeling of genuine caring for the customer, which closes the deal in our minds.

The View
Chef Derek Mayes
On our latest visit, for appetizers we had Sea Scallops with Double Smoke Bacon and the Artisan Tomato Tasting Trio with fresh Mozzarella, Jalapeno Jam and Vodka oven dried Tomato Chips with Balsamic glaze. For our main course we had Simple Pan Fried Georgian Bay Pickerel with Citrus Pine Nuts and the Chicken and BBQ Rib special. All the food was exceptionally good and the the vegetable sides and garnishes were innovative and wonderfully done. Service was impeccable and the kitchen staff from their open concept grill station and the wait staff all function as an attentive team to ensure your dining experience is memorable. Hats off to Gold Medal Chef Derek Mayes (was also the Chef to the Ottawa Senators 2009 – 2011) and his talented Sous Chef Kevin.

Now some will argue that it's not fair comparing restaurants that are pursuing different markets and some may argue that the check average is steep at Top Of The Cove. I would counter that we are not comparison shopping based on price. All the restaurants we review are great properties. But if we had to choose one that stands out above all we'd have to say it is Top Of The Cove. We have only dined at Top Of The Cove twice (some of the restaurants on this page we have dined at dozens of times) but both visits have been thoroughly enjoyable experiences. Like the old saying goes “it's worth the drive” [or boat ride] ... from anywhere, to South Bay Cove Marina. 

When I die I hope they bury me with a view half as nice as the view from South Bay Cove's marina restaurant. The mix of Georgian Bay terrain and yachts with a view towards the sun setting is hard to beat.

Now before we talk about about the restaurant, let's give a little plug to the marina - because it is part of the overall experience. The marina is very well run by any standard. Everything is spotless and the staff rush to help boaters and they do it with a smile and a spring in their step ... and they never seem to tire even into the evening. At 8pm they still are going full tilt with smiles as bright as the sun. Ice is free, washrooms are pristine with fresh flowers, the landscaping is spectacular with every blade of grass is neatly trimmed and everything is in it's place neat and tidy. I observed typically five golf carts on the move at one time bringing people to and from their boats and heading up the docks to assist each and every boat coming in. I don't know if it's a service that everybody gets, but I saw one staffer walking a boat owners dog for them just after the boat docked and yes she had a doggy bag. It is not a big marina but it has a high ratio of staff to boaters. I've stayed at marinas from Ontario to Nassau and I can't say that I have seen anything quite like the level of service at South Bay Cove. I'd go so far as to call it a boutique marina. My only suggestion would be to greet returning boaters with an ice cold split of Champagne (just kidding ... I had a marina in South Carolina do that once and I liked it a lot - lol). Hats off to Managers Bill & Jill Snider and the owners who run the marine resort like a finely oiled machine.

Cove Marina Restaurant As you might expect in such a well run marina, the restaurant was equally well managed. Chef Derek Mayes and his large crew behind the spotless open concept kitchen put out fabulous appetizers, entrees and deserts. They will not disappoint you! The ambience of the restaurant is clean and crisp and even the entertainment was subdued yet very pleasant to have in the background while your enjoying a terrific dining experience. It is not cheap and the average cost per person with wine would be around $60 but the presentation and quality is supreme and you are getting every dollars worth in value. They also offer a three course fixed price Table D'hote menu for $45. and they do offer a lighter fair menu as well. All the sauces, fresh vegetables and meats were exquisite and cooked to perfection. Our server was a professional and timed everything perfectly working with great efficiency.

Our party of four were thoroughly satisfied and impressed. Without dragging you through each menu selection in detail here's a sampling of what we had. Take my word, it was all very nicely done: Sweet Watermelon Argula Salad with Wild Honey, Feta & Lime - Roasted Five Onion Apple Cider French Onion Soup - Lobster & Leek Pasta Purses in Chive Cream Sauce with Riesling Soaked Nova Scotia Scallops - Slow Roasted Pork Loin with Braised Savoy Cabbage and Apple Butter - Seafood Bouillabaisse with PEI Lobster, Clams, Halibut, Mussels, Shrimps, Scallops in a Tomato Saffron Broth. Are you getting hungry yet? And the deserts were divine too!

Whether your travelling by land or boat you should treat yourself to the special experience South Bay Cove offers. The Top of the Cove Restaurant is open only during the summer season ... so call ahead to check. Reservations are recommended as it is busy on the weekends (705) 756 3399 or (705) 756 3333

Princess Hotel - Tobermory
Princess Hotel We stopped in Tobermory bringing a boat from Detroit to Midland. Being early May there wasn't much open in Tobermory for dinner. We thought we'd try the Princess Hotel which has a great view of Little Tub Harbour - and it was a short walk from the gas docks where our boat was parked. Due to weather delays we actually had two dinners there and a packed lunch to go. The folks that own the property are friendly and although the staff were just training at the tourist season opening they did very well ... with friendly service and food that came out promptly with good timing. The restaurant mid week for that time of year was surprisingly busy both nights. There were bicycle tourists, divers, locals and a few boaters mixed together. The food is reasonably priced and many dishes have a Greek influence. Steaks, seafood, pasta, sandwiches and a few specialty dishes like leg of lamb are on the menu. They offer a special every night that includes your appetizer, main course and desert. I had the veal special the first night and it was very good. I chased it down with homemade blueberry pie. The second night I ordered Shrimp & Scallops Santorini off the regular menu. It comes served in a lambkin dish smothered in feta cheese with a good portion of scallops and shrimps swimming in a tasty tomato based sauce. For lunch on the Bay they packed us grilled chicken sandwiches. All of our meals were very good and so were the cold Coronas. The restaurant is clean and un-pertinacious and is great value for hungry travelers. (519) 596 8282

Boathouse Eatery - Midland
The Boathouse was formerly Scully's restaurant. The new owners George & Kirk know how to provide much faster service than previous owners. Here's what I like about the Boathouse Eatery. The waitresses are nice and it doesn't get much better than hoisting a few Coronas and munching on their Catfish Sandwich, Crab Cakes. Homemade Pizza or a Mediterranean Burger while overlooking the town marina on a hot summers night. You get to watch biker tourists mingle with the boat types and townies. The menu is better than your typical roadhouse fare ... and the food is prepared well with generous portions and fair prices. Best of all, it's right on the water and has a casual and unpretentious marine feel. They also have live music beginning at 9 pm Friday and Saturday nights. Open year round – drop in or call (705) 527 7480 for hours of operations or for reservations.

Henry's South Fish Restaurant - Wye Heritage Marina, Midland
One advantage that Wye Heritage Marina has over other marinas is that it has a Henry's Fish Restaurant right at the docks. Henry's is a busy place in the summer and for good reason. They serve excellent fish dinners, cooked to perfection and in generous portions. I like the pickerel and the fact that they have to curl the fish's tail end because it is too big to fit on the plate! It's a great place to get a great fish dinner and having the premises stuffed to the gills with boaters only enhances the experience. (705) 528-1919.

Henry's Fish Restaurant - Frying Pan Island, San Souci, Georgian Bay
This is the original Henry's Restaurant.
Ditto above on Henry's Midland, plus the fish tastes even better because... You had to take your boat to get there. It's exotic eating at a cottage-like restaurant out on an island and settlement that sounds like the Caribbean. You get to watch the efficient dock masters dock the boats and seaplanes that come and go. But make no mistake, what appears to be a small restaurant on the outside can put out hundreds of fish dinners daily and still maintain their quality with quick and efficient service. And by the way, Henry’s has some menu items other than fish, but why bother when the fish is so good. (705) 746-9040.

Log Cabin Inn - Parry Sound
Log Cabin Inn For over 20 years the Log Cabin Inn has being offering a tradition of fine dining at Parry Sound. Just a few minutes from the downtown core and Parry Sound's marinas, the Log Cabin Inn has exceptional menus and wine list. The owner Kathy Dalrymple has been operating the resort since her family started the business in 1987. People drive from southern Ontario and stay in the resorts beautifully appointed cottages just to partake in the fine dining offered in the spacious log restaurant. For boaters the neat thing is you can grab a five minute cab ride to the resort for lunch or dinner and Kathy will make sure either she or her staff get you get delivered back to your boat safely at the end of your dining experience.

fine dining at Parry Sound The Log Cabin is a large restaurant where you will be greeted by a giant two sided stone fireplace right next to their comfortable bar. Their service is attentive and the demeanor friendly. Owner Kathy personally greet each guest and the timing of our server throughout our evening in the dining room was impeccable. I apologize for not remembering our servers name but he was very good, and not overbearing as you sometimes find in fine dining rooms. The restaurant is definitely upscale ... but not so much so that you have to dress up - casual attire will still get you in.

Now the star of the show is the food. They offer a great selection of specials every evening. wine cellar I had the Penne Madagascar With Beef & Mushrooms in a peppercorn cream sauce and it was delicious. My wife had the Pan Seared Rainbow Trout with lemon caper dill butter. The trout comes right from the North Channel. The vegetables are all fresh and cooked to perfection. They also offer a wide selection of fresh hand cut to order steaks, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes ... including east coast lobster and shrimp & scallops. They have a very cool wine cellar built on the natural granite below the restaurant. Some of the bottles are aging comfortably right in the rock crevices of the granite outcroppings. The wine list is impressive ranging from inexpensive Sangiovese Italian at $22 bottle to something special like 1995 Sociando-Mallet, Haut Medoc from France for $160.

Whatever your taste you won't be disappointed if you have been cruising and are ready for a really good meal at the Log Cabin Inn. Reservations are advised on the weekends but not required. Phone (705) 746 7122

Anchor Inn Hotel - Little Current
A boater friendly restaurant in downtown Little Current, this is the home of the Cruisers Network that broadcasts every day at 9 am during boating season on VHF channel 71. The Anchor offers excellent hand cut steaks, cooked to perfection and they serve fresh white fish brought in right off the docks. The deck of the restaurant overlooks the harbour. The attached bar is hoping at night. The dining room is casual and not fancy, but the food is great and they have a good selection of wines. The local yacht club even provides free boating seminars at 10:30 am on Saturday mornings at the restaurant. I'm all for restaurants that support boaters and, did I mention, the food is good. (705) 368-2023.

Sportsman's Inn - Killarney
The Sportsman's Inn has experienced a renaissance since the new owners took over and renovated. The dining room overlooks the marina and the main channel. It is fun to eat while watching a parade of yachts go up and down the channel. It's a sight to see when the Viking Owners Association is in town. If the food doesn't make you drool, the boats will. The dining room serves fresh Georgian Bay fish, steak and they fly in oysters, lobster and other seafood every week during July and August. There is also the outdoor patio and a bar. In the summer, it's busy, so reserve ahead. (705) 287-9990.

Grandview Dining Room - Tobermory
We came to the Grandview off season, not by boat but by car. At 8 pm in late October, it was the only full service restaurant open in town. The Grandview overlooks the Harbour from the east side. It provides a great view of the harbour and the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry and it's a great place to watch the sun set. The staff was very courteous and, although the restaurant is not fancy, it is clean and the view is hard to beat. We had the appetizer combination plate, roast duck and the prime rib special. It was all excellent and we washed it down with a good Pinot Noir. Pricing wise, it's not cheap, but the overall value was great and we were pleasantly surprised. (705) 596-2220

Do you have a favourite restaurant on the Bay that we should know about? Are you a restaurant owner feeling left out? Email us at: and we will review the restaurant when we can. You don’t have anything to lose because...

It's free... except for us, as we pay for our dinners.

It's painless... you won't even know we've been there.

If we don't like your restaurant, we won't write about it. You won't even know what we thought and neither will the public.

If we like it... We'll tell the world all about your restaurant.

Bon Appetit!

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